Tom Hogan

Amorous Congress

These ladies are out and about looking for love…

A husband is the final goal for these hopeful brides to be but after years on the proverbial shelf,  waiting around for love to arrive has taken its toll. Now with little decorum these women have lost patience with being a “good girl” and are now taking matters into their own hands.

Some may say they are desperate but it’s difficult trying to maintain the level of poise and decorum expected in a convivial society while perusing a dream. They elegantly parade their assets and gently but firmly encourage the local man folk to share a song or a dance and ultimately take them to the church before time has run out. 

These lovely ladies will certainly bring comedy and style to any event. With their big frocks and even bigger wigs, they can’t be missed.

A verbal strolling show with 3 performers for festivals, in/outdoor events, parties, corporate events and other bespoke events. Particularly good for parks and stately homes. Book Now