Tom Hogan


The latest production from Proud and Loud Arts.  


At Manchester Art Gallery

March 8th @ 7pm

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Cells – a body of work’ is a collection of live art installations created in response to the Manchester Evening News report, in October 2015, describing a 140% rise in reported hate crime incidents against people with disabilities[1]. This witty yet challenging artworks offer a thought provoking and creative glimpse into the extraordinary and explore the stigma often attached to those who dare to be different.

“Greater Manchester Police (GMP) has recorded increases in hate crime and incidents every year for the last three years. In the 12 months between September 2014 and August 2015, the police recorded 5,817 hate crimes and incidents, which is a 31% increase compared to the previous year”[2]

This work sits best in a gallery context where each work can be viewed in isolation but in close proximity to the other works. There are 10 works in total. It is possible for some of the pieces to be situated in the same space but Proud and Loud Arts recommend that shared spaces are kept to a minimum where possible. Each of the works are 3m square but require some additional surrounding space for the audience to view each piece. Distance and space offers the audience a choice of viewing point. Each work is technically self-contained and little technical support is needed. However some of the pieces need a space where the lighting state is dimed.

Unique Selling Points

  • ‘Cells – a body of work’ is a collection of live art. The audience can watch, interact and delight in a visual, audio and tactile experience.
  • It can be performed in a variety of venues including museums, art galleries, schools, work places, shopping centres etc.
  • There’s something for all ages. (Some of the work has adult material, but is reworked for younger audiences.)
  • Each performance is a stand-alone piece meaning that for smaller venues the whole collection doesn’t have to be booked.
  • It is a witty yet challenging collection of art.
  • Workshops available